ARSC Training

Basic Orientation Plus

Basic Orientation Plus is an ARSC course that encompasses 15 topics that are integral to safety in the workplace. The course is reciprocal, meaning that other safety councils will honor the course if unexpired. The course typically takes 6 hours to complete with an additional 65-question test of which 70% of questions must be answered correctly for a passing score.

Basic Plus Orientation Syllabus

1. Introduction
2. Process Safety Management (PSM)
3. General Employee Safety
4. Hazard Communication
5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6. Respiratory Protection
7. Hearing Conservation

8. Electrical Safety
9. Lockout/Tagout
10. Fall Protection
11. Scaffolding
12. Excavations, Trenching & Shoring
13. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
14. Emergency Action Plan
15. Fire Prevention

Basic Orientation Plus Refresher

The Basic Orientation Plus Refresher is the annual CBT course for those who have already taken Basic Orientation Plus. This CBT course consists of a 102-minute video and 50 question test. 70% of questions must be answered correctly for a passing score. If an employee is unable to pass the refresher, Basic Orientation Plus must be retaken. Basic Orientation Plus Refresher must be completed within one-year of the expiration date.

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