TVTC approaches milestone of 20 years in operation

May 18, 2020

TVTC logo shieldThe beginning efforts to establish the TVTC began in April of 1999. Some of the goals that were formulated for the proposed “new” training center included:

  • A central location that contractor personnel could receive required/desired safety training, plant orientations and/or certifications.
  • Establish a standard training program for the contractor workforce in North Alabama.
  • Eliminate the need for redundant training within the contractor realm. (Reducing cost and increasing individual contractor profitability).
  • Satisfy federal standards training requirements.
  • Establish a central training record management program for training completed.
  • Provide a forum for contractors to better interact with plants/facilities.
  • Provide meeting space for safety workshops, seminars, and association gatherings.
  • Establish instructor training programs.
  • Establish reciprocal agreements with other established safety training programs.

In retrospect, the formation of the TVTC was discussed to be a great potential resource to North Alabama’s contractors and manufacturing facilities. The proposed center would provide proven, consistently high-level safety training and would help reduce the overall costs of safety training for contractors and the manufacturing facilities. The goals of the TVTC today mirror those early goals and our commitment to community, our contractors and our manufacturing facilities is unwavering. On behalf of our staff at TVTC we want to wish each and everyone of our valued customers well and relate that our “Commitment to Excellence and Customer Service” is unwavering.